Some Dog


There are people all over the world buiding (and selling) million dollar plus ecommerce brands by making the world a better place for dogs.

There's no career better than that.

Using The Power Of Ecommerce (Amazon, Chewy, Shopify):

  • Learn How To Start Your Dog Brand (from zero to 6 figures)
  • Learn How To Scale Your Dog Brand (from 6 figures to 7 figures)
  • Learn How To Exit Your Dog Brand For A Million Dollar Plus Payday

Petrepener vs Entrepenuer

Why Some Dog Millionaires instead of generic ecom training?

If you're building anything other than a dog brand, Some Dog Millionaires isn't for you.

Let's Face It. There are TONS of training programs and masterminds out there teaching you how to build a successful ecommerce brand. And frankly, a lot of them are REALLY GOOD (I personally recommend The One Percent). But if you're building a DOG products brand, you want to be learning from people who have build a DOG brand and understand the power of "speaking dog" in marketing. This can be a powerful advantage, building on traditional ecom business training.

It's not "one size fits all". There are additional skillsets, tactics, and marketing approaches that are unique to the dog market that you just don't learn from general ecommerce training.

Coach Chad Maghielse

Chad Maghielse is a coach, consultant, and former 7 figure dog brand owner. Chad successfully built & sold his old dog brand "Pets Are Kids Too" from scratch in under 3 years, and now spends his time helping the next group of entrepenuers become "Some Dog Millionaires", and make the world a better place for all of dogkind :)

Chad has received numerous awards, been a featured speaker at multiple in person and virtual events, and a guest on a variety of business podcasts.

If you would like to hear the story of the creation, growth, and exit of Chad's old brand, including some of the lessons he learned along the way, simply click the botton below:

Transparent pricing

Dog people don't waste each others time :)

"Some Dog Millionaires" doesn't ask you to book a call with a sales person and then tell you the price. If you're here, you likely know Chad Maghielse's story and want guideance from someone who's been there and done that, specifically in the dog niche. Here are the prices to work directly with Chad and become a future "Some Dog Millionaire":

Options To Work With Chad One On One:

Intro Chat

Best For When You're Either Just Getting Started, Or Under $15,000/month in Sales And Looking To Grow

We'll Get You On Track For Growth Into A

Million Dollar Dog Brand.


What's included?

1 Hour Zoom Consultation

We'll Solidify What Makes Your Brand Stand Out, Define Your Audience, And Create The Groundwork For The First $100,000 of Your Future Million Dollar Dog Business

  • Foundations of a Million Dollar Dog Brand
  • Market Positioning (What Makes Your Brand Unique, Not Just "Another Dog Brand"
  • Audience Building
  • Product Differentiation
  • Using Dog Inlfuencers The Right Way

Deep Dive

Best For When You're Looking To Scale Your Existing 6 Figure Dog Brand From 6 Figures To 7 Figures, Or Scale A Million Dollar Dog Brand Into A Multi-Million Dollar Dog Brand


What's included?

Half Day (4 Hours) Either In Person if you fly to Grand Rapids MI or over Zoom

We'll Analyse Your Business, Look For The Best Growth Opportunities, And Help Accelerate Your Growth To A Million Dollar Plus Dog Brand.

  • Whatever You Need Help With
  • Hyper Engaging Your Audience To Sell Your Dog Products For You
  • Plan To Add 100k/Month To Your Average Monthly Sales In 6 Months Or Less
  • The Magic Product Launch (Launch Any Dog Product With Instant Sales and Reviews)

Exit Plan

Best For When You're Thinking About Selling Your 7-8 Figure Brand In The Next 6-12 Months.

We'll Discuss Tweaks To Help Your Brand Sell For Tens Or Hundres Of Thousands More


What's included?

Half Day (4 Hours) Either In Person if you fly to Grand Rapids MI or over Zoom

Small Tweaks And Meaningful SOPs Can Make Your Brand More Attractive To Investors. Making These Changes Now Can Pay Off BigTime When It's Time To Sell

  • What Investors Look For In A Dog Brand
  • What "Carrots To Dangle" To Make Buyers Feel Excited To Buy
  • An Email I Sent That Got Me An Extra $50,000
  • Positioning Your Sale For Multiple Offers
  • Creating And Advertising A "Hand-Off Kit" To Give Buyer Confidence

OR Join The Waiting List For The

"Some Dog Millionaires" Group Mastermind!

Details are TBD, but the group will likely meet on a Zoom call 2x per month, and the price will likely be about $400/month.

See what Chad's clients think:

The best partner for your dog business.

If you're building anything other than a dog brand, this isn't for you.

BUT... if you're looking for an ecommerce training coach/consultant that is specifically an expert in what it takes to succeed with a dog brand, you're in the right place. Book a call today!

Service Provider Collaboration?

Are You An Agency That Serves Pet Brands?

Something I teach all my dog brand clients is if there is someone who serves your same "person" but is not a direct competitor, they need to be your friend. The same applies to service providers in the pet space.

Preface: I don't refer my clients to just anyone.

If I refer my clients to someone (email management, UGC, direct ad management, etc), I want it to be someone I trust and respect who brings results. If you can help my clients make more money and build a bigger and better dog brand, I'm happy to have a conversation and see how we might be able to work together. Click the link above and lets get to know each other.

Some Dog Millionaires